UM Wave 8

Did you know: 43% of 16-years-old would love to become famous online (only 15% of 54-years-old)
Did you know: Curating the online persona: 43% of 16 years-old want to become famous online!
Did you know: With 84%, the smartphone has greater reach than the PC
Did you know: Mobile commerce is growing: 43% make purchases with their smartphone (Wave7 31%)
Did you know: Sharing photos which delete themselves is getting popular: 46% have done it in the last 6 months

UM’s Wave is the world’s largest and longest-running social media research study. Covering 75 countries in total, it represents the views, needs and behaviors of 1.3 billion of the world’s most influential internet and social media users.

“Wave 8 – The Language of Content” reveals insights around the types of content that consumers like to share, and their motivations for sharing that content. Wave 8 demonstrates that the most important role of content is as a social commodity.

Wave helps UM not just to measure trends in social media usage and online content consumption and sharing, but to understand the desires and motivations of the people driving those trends. It provides fundamental insights which enable UM to help brands to build long-term relationships with consumers.


Here you have the chance to watch & listen to the UM experts teaching “The Language of content” by introducing the 8th edition of the biggest and longest-running social media study Wave8!