What is Wave?

  • UM’s Wave is the world’s largest and longest-running social media study, running annually since 2006.
  • Wave provides UM with unique insights on 1.3 billion of the world’s most influential internet and social media users.
  • Wave uses online questionnaires to gather data on social media platforms, devices content sharing and motivations amongst a sample of people who use the internet every day or every other day (the Active Internet User).
  • Sample sizes vary from 200 to 4,000 per country, dependent on country size.
  • We survey around 50,000 people per year. Our data covers 75 countries in total.
  • At UM, we have a philosophy which we call Curiosity Works. This philosophy drives us to continually seek new insights that we can use to unlock the competitive advantage of media and fuel brand growth.
  • The Wave project is Curiosity Works come to life. Each Wave study is run in collaboration with 65 UM offices around the world with each volunteering to take part each year. This collaboration is driven solely by UM’s culture of collective Curiosity.